What you can expect.

  1. How will I view my photos after our session?
    Please allow 14 days for a family session and 4-6 weeks for a wedding before I set up your gallery for review. Once complete, you will receive an email with you private gallery link and password.
  2. How many photos can I expect in my gallery?

    I go through your entire session frame by frame and choose the most perfect images to add to your gallery. Yes, you may have heard my shutter click more times than you have photos but this is because I have taken out the images that have imperfections or those not to my standards.

  3. Will I receive a photo of every pose we did?

    No. Sometimes a pose does not work out the way we intended it to and therefore not all poses will be provided. It is my job to provide high quality images rather than providing quantity.

  4. Will you be providing unedited images?

    It is my policy that no unedited images will be given to clients for any reason. Your gallery will include photos that I have chosen as the golden ones. Those will be edited and available but no other images including unedited or raw files will be provided.

  5. Do you suggest I use a local printing company?                                                                                                                                                         Though local printers are great for printing personal photos, I do not recommend doing this on a professional level. Photos from these types of printers do not match color or quality as those of a professional printing company. I recommend printing directly from my site or using adorama.com