laurie crane photography: Blog en-us (C) laurie crane photography [email protected] (laurie crane photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:01:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:01:00 GMT laurie crane photography: Blog 120 120 Olivia - Senior 2017 Meet the gorgeous Olivia! When I met this girl, her mother told me she never had professional pictures done. The first pose I asked her to do, I asked her "Are you sure you never had pictures done? You are a natural!" She was amazing! She was so easy to pose and relaxed. We went to Tinker Park and Corbett's Glen in Rochester, NY. These two places were amazing to photograph at. Especially with the lighting. We did take a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong side of the Glen. We realized a half an hour later we went the wrong way! We had to turn around, hike back and get back into our cars to find the right entrance to the place. It was starting to get a little darker out, which made me a little nervous. We did it though and we got some pretty amazing shots. You will notice that some pictures have a matte finish. I added a matte finish to all the ones where the sun was hiding or when we started to lose some of our lighting. Here are some beautiful pictures I would love to share with you all for her senior portraits. I hope you enjoy! Good Luck in your senior year Olivia!



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Jason and Ashley Wedding Wow! What a gorgeous wedding this was. This wedding was held at Glenora Wine Cellars on Seneca Lake in New York. The amazing couple, the people, the waterfall, the vineyards, the venue, and the sunshine made the day so perfect!

I have photographed this family for the past couple of years. I was so thrilled when they asked me to be their photographer. When they asked me, I wasn't quite sure where I was moving to at that time but I knew I was moving. But, I told them I would travel from any where just to shoot their special day. I moved four hours away which wasn't too bad of a drive. Every minute of the drive was worth watching these two tie the knot.

Thank you so much Jason and Ashley! Congratulations to you both. You two are such an amazing couple with much love to last you a lifetime. I wish you the best of luck in your future and I look forward to photographing you again someday! Much love, Laurie.


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What really happens? Want to know what REALLY happens during a photo shoot with my daughter? Here are some of the photos, not all of them. But a few that will give you an idea on how silly she is. Her cute little smile, her cute laugh and the cute little faces she makes that make me melt everytime. I always cannot wait to get home to look at the photos on my computer. If you want photos like these, step back and let the children do their thing. They will surprise you and we can get quite a few adorable shots. This session only lasted 15 minutes!

Oh....she has my sweater on also. It was quite cold.


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Bye, Bye 2014! Thank you so much to all of my amazing clients for a great 2014! You all have been so great to me! You all ROCK!

I have learned so much this year with photography. I am excited to grow and learn so much more in 2015! Cannot wait to see you all in the new year! Be safe everyone!

Here are some of my favorite shots that I took in 2014.


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Jason and Ashley It was such a gorgeous night right before the sunset, when I took this couples photos. Beautiful winery, calm lake down below, the sun starting to hide behind the hills, the smell of fresh grapes growing on the vineyards, and one amazing couple! I was so excited when the soon-to-be bride asked me to photograph their wedding! I was also thrilled I got to take their engagement pictures. Everything about this couple is real. You can see the love in their eyes and the way they laugh together is so wonderful. I enjoyed every moment I spent with them. I am one lucky photographer! Thank you to Glenora Wine Cellars for allowing us to photograph at your beautiful winery! Cannot wait to do it again in July!


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Sit back, watch, and capture the joy. I had the pleasure of photographing two precious little children on a beautiful evening in Canton, NY. As many of you know, I recently moved into the area. There are so many beautiful fields, farms, and parks. One day last week, I stopped at a farm that has 900 cows and an enormous corn fields. It was a very large farm and the people that own it were so generous. I was given permission to take photos anywhere on their property. I was pretty excited when this field was owned by them. It sat on top of a hill where the light was amazing.

These two became fast friends as soon as we moved here. The little girl is my daughter. She is so fortunate to find such an awesome friend. They play together everyday and they are both so silly together. They ran, played, laughed and looked for bugs. Here are some pictures that I took on that beautiful evening. Aren't they just so adorable? I am really looking forward to taking their pictures on the farm! Coming soon!

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Two Precious Little Girls I was so excited when the mother of these two precious little girls wrote me to schedule for a photo shoot. I have taken pictures of these two in the past and they are just too cute!

We decided to head to Watson Homestead in Coopers. It was such a beautiful night with the sun shining. I love it when the sun is shining in the pictures. It really gives photos a little bit more pop! Watson Homestead had a great field, horse farm, rustic fencing, a big section of enormous clovers and wooded trails. It was a perfect area!

When the girls stepped out of the car, my mouth dropped. Their outfits were so adorable. The mother color coordinated them so well. She is going to have to let me know where she goes shopping because I am dying to get my hands on these dresses!

I hope you all enjoy the pictures of these beautiful girls. Thank you to their mama for the opportunity to photo shoot them. I had a blast!

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Trash the Dress Everyone that has gotten married and has a wedding dress, sometimes ask themselves "What I am going to do with this dress?" Some brides give it away, sell it, leave it in their closet for years (that would be me), cut it and use it for fabric for sentimental items, or they end up doing something similar to this.

This couple is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year. They have two beautiful children and are one of the most amazing little families I have ever met.

I remember when this mother called me and told me she wanted to trash her dress. We went back and forth on how to trash it. We came up with either having a paint war, finding a mud hole, or going into a lake. She really wanted to get into the lake. I was a little hesitant with the lake considering it was FREEZING! Plus, there wasn't a whole lot of mud in the lake to really get the dress dirty. This mother was a trooper. Have you seen all the videos floating around social media on the cold water challenge? I think this lady and her husband has out beaten all of them. They stood in this water for a good 10 minutes. I kept asking "Are you ok? Are you sure you still want to stay in there?" Their response? "We are great, it's not too bad."

First thing that we did during this photo shoot was take some family pictures. It was a gorgeous night out and we went up to the wineries up at Seneca Lake. I wished I lived closer to these wineries because I think I would hold every single photo shoot there during the spring and summer. It was gorgeous there. The vineyards weren't in bloom yet but they still made everything beautiful.

Second thing we did was have her daughter get in her mother's dress. She was amazing! This little girl was so awesome. She posed mostly herself and she was quite the little model. She is a gorgeous little girl and she really enjoyed being in this dress. She had an enormous smile on her face most of the time and laughed at her little brother making faces at her from behind me. The best part is that someday, when she gets married, she can do similar poses with her mother and daddy. It will make some great memories to hang on her living room wall when she gets older and a treasure she will hold for a lifetime.

Lastly, Trash the Dress time! What a blast!!! It was a chilly evening and the wind was crazy. I was so worried about the weather and the temperature but everything seemed to work out just the way we planned.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

If anyone else wants to do a trash the dress session, get a hold of me and we can start planning!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary Elaine and Leon!!


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Angela and Josh Love. What is the true definition of the word? This is what I read in the dictionary. Love is a feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom is disposed to make a pair. I think that is a pretty good definition. I also have to add that is has magic, passion, sparks, devotion, admiration, enjoyment...the list goes on and on.

I have seen this married couple on facebook. I did not know them too well. Every time I saw a post, it was clearly evident. The love they had for each other was amazing. I wanted to photograph them and that is exactly what I did!

It was a pretty cold and snowy day. That didn't bother any of us one bit. The sun would keep peeping out from the clouds and that gave us a little bit of warmth. I think during the entire session, which lasted an hour, I must have said "Awe..." over 100 times. I am so happy I was able to photograph this couple! They were awesome!

Thank you Angela and Josh! Hope you enjoy the pictures!
















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The Girl Behind the Mask. Meet Mary. Such a wonderful, beautiful, fun girl! I was looking forward to this shoot for awhile. I wanted to try some different editing techniques to practice my photography. I have photographed Mary before for her senior pictures. I knew that she was the perfect girl to help me with this shoot. We loved every minute about the day.

Before her photo shoot, we had a makeup artist come to my house to do her makeup. I wanted it dark. I wanted it smoky. I got exactly what I asked for. Her makeup was perfect for the shoot. After her makeup was finished we drove up to Montour Falls to a beautiful bed and breakfast, Cook Mansion. If you have never been to Cook Mansion or never stayed there, you have to check this place out!! It is absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely loved the way they decorated each room. The place is huge and the rooms are enormous! The sweet people that own the place are so polite and so nice, you will fall in love with them right away. They are so terrific!

Here is the first blog post of Mary. I am still editing some pictures from the day. You will notice some pictures are dark, some our fine art and some are antique looking. Some of these are very different editing techniques I absolutely had so much fun with. I will have a second blog post up soon! Keep posted and I hope you all enjoy the different editing styles I have done.


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Here is my reason. Here is my joy. I sometimes have to let families know to let the kids just go off and let them do whatever they want to do. You want to know why? Here is my reasoning.

I am finally posting some pictures I took at the end of this past summer of my sweet little girl. I absolutely LOVE black and white! There is something about these pictures that make me want to look at them for hours...over and over and over again. The reason why I love them so much? Because they weren't posed. None of them were! THIS is my daughter. I caught her beauty. I caught her emotions. I caught her being a little 3 year old girl. Her facial expressions, her curiosity, her joy, and her love for apple orchards. You bet I am making prints of every single one of these prints. Candid pictures are wonderful!

If we have a photo session, and I say to you, "Let them run off and do their own thing."

This is why.


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Congratulations Beth and Aaron! This wedding was absolutely beautiful! Everyone was so full of excitement and were so happy. I think everyone was also excited that the rain held off for the ceremony. We all just had to battle some strong winds. Which didn’t ruin the ceremony at all. It was perfect.  At the end of the evening, I felt like I could quite happily have stayed all night. I can see why everyone had so much fun. Beth and Aaron are just so much fun to be around! Congratulations to you both and enjoy your honeymoon!



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